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Journal of Multimedia Information System. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014

View Synthesis and Coding of Multi-view Data in Arbitrary Camera Arrangements Using Multiple Layered Depth Images
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):1-10.
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UbiqBIOPARC: A Wireless and Sensor Based Context-Aware System for an Enhanced Guide Experience
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):11-22.
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Security Model for Pervasive Multimedia Environment
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):23-43.
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New approach to two wheelers detection using Cell Comparison
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):45-53.
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Jointly Image Topic and Emotion Detection using Multi-Modal Hierarchical Latent Dirichlet Allocation
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):55-67.
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Video Ranking Model: a Data-Mining Solution with the Understood User Engagement
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):67-75.
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A Study on Real-Time Vision-Based Detection of Skin Pigmentation
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):77-85.
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Finite Step Method for the Constrained Optimization Problem in Phase Contrast Microscopic Image Restoration
J Multimed Inf Syst 2014;1(1):87-94.
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