List of Articles

Journal of Multimedia Information System. Vol. 9, No. 1, 2022

Section A
Animal Fur Recognition Algorithm Based on Feature Fusion Network
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):1-10.
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Neural Network and Cloud Computing for Predicting ECG Waves from PPG Readings
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):11-20.
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A Binary Classifier Using Fully Connected Neural Network for Alzheimer’s Disease Classification
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):21-32.
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Section B
The Intelligent Blockchain for the Protection of Smart Automobile Hacking
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):33-42.
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Section D
Crying Sea, The Sound Installation: Artistic Considerations for Coexistence between Human and Technology
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):43-50.
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The Study on the Efficiency of Smart Learning in the COVID-19
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):51-60.
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Analysis on Review Data of Restaurants in Google Maps through Text Mining: Focusing on Sentiment Analysis
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):61-68.
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Brief Paper: Salient Chromagram Extraction Based on the Savitzky-Golay Filter for Cover Song Identification
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):69-72.
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Retraction: Development and Evaluation of Self-Management Program for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(1):73-74.
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