List of Articles

Journal of Multimedia Information System. Vol. 5, No. 1, 2018

Section A
Fast Coordinate Conversion Method for Real-time Weather Radar Data Processing
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):1-8.
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A Survey of Real-time Road Detection Techniques Using Visual Color Sensor
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):9-14.
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Triangle Method for Fast Face Detection on the Wild
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):15-20.
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An Approach for Enhancing Aviation Service Satisfaction based on Collaborative Filtering
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):21-26.
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Section B
Algorithms for Efficient Digital Media Transmission over IoT and Cloud Networking
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):27-34.
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Section C
Occlusion-based Direct Volume Rendering for Computed Tomography Image
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):35-42.
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Brief Paper: ICT Convergence and Education
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):43-46.
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Section D
Study on Vibration Energy Harvesting with Small Coil for Embedded Avian Multimedia Application
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):47-52.
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A Design of Diabetes Mellitus Scheduling Program for Diabetic Patients: A Software Engineering Approach
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):53-58.
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Brief Paper: FPGA-based Hardware Prediction Rendering for Low-Latency Touch Platform
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):59-62.
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Brief Paper: The Use of The Spectral Properties of Basis Splines in Problems of Signal Processing
J Multimed Inf Syst 2018;5(1):63-66.
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