List of Articles

Journal of Multimedia Information System. Vol. 9, No. 2, 2022

Section A
No-Reference Image Quality Assessment based on Quality Awareness Feature and Multi-task Training
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):75-86.
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An Experimental Study of Image Thresholding Based on Refined Histogram using Distinction Neighborhood Metrics
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):87-92.
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Proper Noun Embedding Model for the Korean Dependency Parsing
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):93-102.
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Presentation Attacks in Palmprint Recognition Systems
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):103-112.
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Long Song Type Classification based on Lyrics
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):113-120.
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Section B
Collective Betweenness Centrality in Networks
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):121-126.
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Section C
Research on the Influence of Curiosity on MMORPG Grinding Player Experience
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):127-136.
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Section D
The Relationship between Visual Perception and Emotion from Fear Appeals and Size of Warning Images on Cigarette Packages
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):137-144.
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Technical Evaluation of Engineering Model of Ultra-Small Transmitter Mounted on Sweetpotato Hornworm
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):145-154.
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An Essay on Construction of Gyeonggiyetgil Electronic Culture Atlas- The Necessity of Construction and the Basic Concept of Information Provision
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):155-160.
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Correlation of Axillary Artery Pressure and Phase of Esophageal Impedance in Chickens
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):161-170.
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An Analysis of Curricula for Data Science Undergraduate Programs
J Multimed Inf Syst 2022;9(2):171-176.
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