List of Articles

Journal of Multimedia Information System. Vol. 3, No. 3, 2016

Section A
Brain Hologram Visualization for Diagnosis of Tumors using Graphic Imaging
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):47-52.
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Graph based KNN for Optimizing Index of News Articles
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):53-62.
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Design of Data Center Environmental Monitoring System Based On Lower Hardware Cost
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):63-68.
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Section B
A Design of Base Technology for Airbag Actuation Checking Application Based on Mechanical Calculations for Old Container Vehicle
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):69-76.
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Shipboard Secret Electronic Voting System for Information and Communication Technology-isolated Ocean Crews
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):77-84.
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A Study on C2B2C Business Integration Model Design Focusing On the Fashion Clothes Business
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):85-90.
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Section C
Analyzing Effective of Activation Functions on Recurrent Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):91-96.
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Breast Mass Classification using the Fundamental Deep Learning Approach: To build the optimal model applying various methods that influence the performance of CNN
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):97-102.
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Privacy of Capability Token in the IoT Service System
J Multimed Inf Syst 2016;3(3):103-110.
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